Is it finally time? Jessie J (35) surprised her fans last year with sweet news: the singer is currently expecting her first child with her partner, basketball star Chanan Safir Colman. The British woman probably won’t have to wait too long for her little son either – How jessie now proves with a cute post on the net, her stomach is already round as a ball!

With around 13 million Instagram-Fans are now sharing a little pregnancy update in their story. presented at the same time jessie totally happy with her growing baby ball, which she stages with a crop top. So shortly before the birth, she takes it easy: the beauty wears loose black sweatpants and a sports bra with the loose shirt.

The “Price Tag” interpreter will apparently be able to welcome her son to the world in the coming weeks: “I’m not revealing my due date, but I’m clearly not far off”she reported to a few days ago Mirror and added full of anticipation: “I feel good, sometimes a little uncomfortable, but still absolutely ready.”