These candidates must go! In the music show DSDS, the four jurors Katja Krasavice (26), Dieter Bohlen (69), Pietro Lombardi (30) and Leony are currently looking for the new German superstar. In the current episode, the remaining twelve candidates fought for entry into the live shows. The dream has burst for these two candidates: Tatjana Ivanovic and Felix Gleixner have to pack their bags!

For the last recall performance, the young talents were allowed to choose their own songs. While some candidates were able to convince with their voice, they had to Tatyana Ivanovic and Felix Gleixner pack their bags because their performance was not good enough. Actually also flew Rose Ndumba from the show, but a little later it was announced: You can move up!

A total of ten talents can still hope for victory: Shem Eisinger, Kiyan Sepehr Yousefbeik, Monica Gayek, Lorento Berisha, Natalie Nock, David Leischik, Lawa Baban, Aileen Sager, Rose Ndumba and Peris Achilleas Grigoriadis. Frankfurt’s Sem Eisinger in particular caused goosebumps with his performance of “Stand by Me” and earned a lot of praise from the jury.