Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for these candidates this time. There was already a surprise for the fans in the first live show: it was actually said that DSDS would end after the current season. But Dieter Bohlen (69) announced that it will continue in 2024 – much to the displeasure of the fans. Finally, today was the second live show – and for four candidates the journey ended shortly before the grand finale.

David Leischik didn’t get enough calls from viewers today. “It didn’t come across these great feelings”has already dieter explained after his appearance. There weren’t enough calls on the show for Peris Grigoriadis and Lawa Baban either. Aileen Sager didn’t make it to the final either. “That was one of your weakest performances on DSDS,” said Pietro Lombardi after her performance.

Four candidates still have the chance of 100,000 euros and a record deal with Universal. In the grand final next Saturday, Monika Gajek, Lorento BerishaSem Eisinger and Kiyan Yousefbeik compete against each other – but only one of them can win the title of Superstar 2023.

Source: celebtap.com