It’s all over! Actually, Lars Steinhöfel (37) and his fiancé Dominik Schmitt seemed to be a well-established team. Last year they talked about having children together. The wedding was even supposed to take place this year. In September they wanted to say yes. The Unter Uns actor and his partner even won the format The Summer House of the Stars. But now the shocking news: Lars and Dominik are seperated!

This was confirmed by the actor’s management Picture. “Dominik broke off his engagement last week and left Lars separated”, the statement said. Even rumors of strangers are said to be in the room. The TV stars were a couple for over five years. The big wedding was scheduled on their sixth anniversary – September 23.

Everything seems to have been planned. The fans could have witnessed the celebration up close – because a camera team would have been there. But the wedding will probably be cancelled. According to the sheet Lars and Dominik now get stuck at a cost of around 60,000 euros.