Taylor Swift (33) accepts this mistake quite calmly on stage! The singer has been performing on the big stages of the world since 2008 – with her experience, the stage shows have also grown and become more and more spectacular over the years. The blonde is currently on her Eras Tour and is traveling to numerous cities in America for four months. Apparently things didn’t go according to plan at her show in Tampa – Taylor’s Looking at the moment was priceless.

In her current performances, the “Midnights” singer jumps underground – for the audience it looks like she’s jumping into the sea. However, missed on Friday Taylor her mark and the bottom did not open. videos on Twitter show that she looks expectant at first – this look eventually turns into a very uncertain facial expression until she then seems very confused. Also, the immersion sound played while she was still on stage. Then she apparently gave her technique a few hand signals so that she was able to submerge after all – this time unfortunately without the appropriate sound.

The current tour seems to be very popular with Taylor’s fans. When the beauty announced her tour in November last year, many people wanted to secure a ticket. However, the demand was so high that the exclusive advance sale had to be stopped for the time being.

Source: celebtap.com