How is the former fitness influencer doing? Julian Zietlow has gone through a big change. He left his life as a husband and father and found his new self in Thailand. He has now declared online that he has joined a cult that uses hard drugs. He also fell in love there despite being married to Alina Schulte in the courtyard into the brunette Kate. Now is Julian Back in Germany!

How RTL reports, he landed in Berlin on Sunday. Once there stressed Julianthat he is doing very well. “I only live by feeling”, he clarifies. His current life is “awesome”. Now he has rented an apartment in Germany for a month. His new partner is in Thailand.

“We show people, be yourself with everything you have. Then the people who love you unconditionally stay. Many have stayed with me, many have left and that’s beautiful.”, he says in another interview. If Julian thus also his estranged wife Alina means?