Is Elle King (33) single again? The singer and partner Dan Tooker got engaged in the summer of 2019. For her 30th birthday, her sweetheart fell on her knees in front of her and she proudly announced online that she said ‘yes’. But since then, the wedding has not been a big topic. And now do ell even hints that they may have broken up.

How People reported, carried ell a jacket at a concert whose writing seemed to send a message. While putting on a wild and fiery performance at the Stagecoach Festival, she wore a bright neon yellow pantsuit. On the back of the jacket was a pink lightning bolt with the word “Single” written underneath it. That could be a hint that the ‘Ex’s & Oh’s’ hitmaker and her Dan may have ended their relationship, celebrating her single life this way.

Another clue appears to be one of their last Instagram-Posts to be the ell posted online. She shared a series of selfies, followed by a picture of her son. She wrote the cryptic words: “In my ‘Me, Myself and I’ era.” Of course, that could refer to a breakup—or maybe she was just enjoying some alone time.