As part of Mega Movie Week, there are currently plenty of top movies that are particularly cheap to stream. In addition to the horror hype ‘Smile’ and the action hit ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, the best and craziest film of 2022 will also be discussed.

Not only Amazon Prime Video, but also a number of other streaming providers – namely Apple TV, CHILE, Maxdome, Microsoft Movies & TV, Rakuten TV, Sky Store and Videoload – currently have over 200 current movies to watch during Mega Movie Week in the streaming offer. This gives you the opportunity to work off your watch list and catch up on some of the biggest, most successful and most popular cinema films of 2022.

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You have until February 19 to secure the movies you want. You can buy the movies or rent them for 30 days. Once started, you have 48 hours of rented VODs to finish watching a movie.

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The campaign is especially worthwhile if you enjoy watching movies over and over again. After purchase, a movie is permanently available in your Amazon account. However, the rental prices have not been reduced at the moment (but at least there is a brand new 99 cent promotion*).

We present you the best films from the campaign:

Everything everywhere at once”: The groundbreaking mix of action, sci-fi and martial arts, newly voted “Highest Rated Movie 2022” by popular social movie app Letterboxd, also made it to #1 of the best movies of 2022. Whoever Missed the Emotional Story about the Chinese immigrant Evelyn (brilliantly played by Michelle Yeoh), who travels through a grandiose crazy multiverse, she should definitely make up for it in the cinema.

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smile: Hardly any horror movie has generated such hype in recent years. The social media channels, especially on Tiktok, were filled with reports and videos about the scary movie. The film would be so intense that even people would pass out regularly. However, the crowds have now calmed down. What remains is an expertly staged horror thriller that doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but is definitely worth checking out for genre fans.

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bullet train”: This intense action-packed train ride is packed with bloody action and brutal combat, starring Brad Pitt in a good mood

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Dune“: After considering “Blade Runner 2049” as one of the greatest sci-fi movie classics with a worthy sequel, director Denis Villeneuve then devoted himself to Frank Herbert’s sci-fi masterpiece. And with great success: Dune won numerous awards, including 6 (!) Oscars and 4 nominations. And we can’t wait for part 2!

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parasites“: Bong Joon-ho’s hilarious, wacky tragic comedy was THE surprise at the 2020 Oscars and became the first foreign-language film to win the Best Picture award. Funny, tragic, moving, shocking and totally worth it.

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Elsewhere you can stream these mega-blockbusters even cheaper

Top Gun Maverick”: This is what a sequel to a classic should look like! The action blockbuster starring Tom Cruise delighted fans old and new, becoming the second highest-grossing film of 2022 and by far the biggest hit of Tom Cruise’s career. A must for any action fan.

The batter”: Batman fans were divided beforehand on whether Robert Pattinson is the right cast for the Dark Knight of Gotham City. But these worries are a thing of the past! “The Batman” inspired as a gritty superhero detective thriller. A strong reboot!

The Norman”: Directorial genius Robert Eggers’ brutal and visually stunning Viking drama elicited mixed reactions from audiences. However, the trade press almost unanimously agrees: “The Northman” is a groundbreaking Scandinavian revenge epic that is unparalleled.

The Matrix Resurrections”: The long-awaited sequel to the legendary sci-fi series about the Chosen Neo and his battle against the machines also divided the minds. For us, however, the fourth “Matrix” film was a forgiving close with the heart in the right place, finding its way back to the roots and daring something new at the same time.

If these movies appeal to you, then you should check out WOW. The WOW package is available until February 19 for Movies & Series for only 7.49 euros per month – and therefore for half the price. After six months you can cancel or renew the subscription for the normal price (14.99 euros). The offer is worthwhile for film and series fans alike. With “The Last Of Us” and “House Of The Dragon” there are two real mega-hit series that no one should have missed!

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In addition, there are some other featured movies in Mega Movie Week, which we can’t/don’t want to list here. In addition to other cinema hits of the past year, such as the critically acclaimed biopic “Elvis” or the adventure film “Uncharted”, absolute classics such as “The Godfather” or “Pulp Fiction” are also featured.

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