What’s really going on between Hayden Panettiere (33) and Brian Hickerson? For two years, the actress and her former partner went through life together. But already during the relationship, shocking news made the rounds: the American is said to have become violent towards his then girlfriend, after which he was sentenced to 45 days in prison. Still, the blonde admitted she still has feelings for her abusive ex. Give hayden and brian their love now a new chance?

How radar now reported, the 33-year-old and her ex-boyfriend were spotted at a restaurant in West Hollywood last weekend. Another visit was to follow shortly thereafter. Allegedly, the two wanted to sort out some troubles during the meetings Brian’s process prison stay.

Despite the violence in their relationship hayden already clear in the past that you have a good bond with brian important is. “It was a very dark and complicated time in my life. […] Reparation is a really important thing to learn in treatment.”she explained to People.

Source: celebtap.com