Next Saturday the time has finally come: King Charles (74) will be officially crowned head of the British monarchy in a ceremony! In addition to numerous international politicians, the royal family will also take part in the celebrations. For a long time it was not clear whether the youngest offspring of Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) could come along. But now it is known: Prince Louis will actually attend the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey!

The dress rehearsal for the celebration on May 6th took place today in the imposing church in London. All the Royals traveled to do this – quite surprisingly, five-year-old Louis was there too! Paparazzi snapped him in the car with his father William and older brother George, 9, on their way to the abbey. Because Louis took part in the final coronation rehearsal, it can be assumed that he will also be there on Saturday.

Just a few days ago, an insider had opposite TheTelegraph claims the mini-royal will stay at Buckingham Palace for the celebration. According to the informant, Louis is still too young for the lengthy ceremony. As it stands now, he will support his grandfather all day long.