Soccer Mommy Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Singer

Soccer Mommy Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Singer

Soccer Mommy is not only influenced by pop music, the fast-rising music star also brings catchy elements and lyrics to her songs to be creative and unique. Unlike most people in the music industry, especially those involved with lo-fi music and rock indie, Mommy is relatively new and has the chance to replace old and shaky voices in the near future.

2015 was a crucial year for the singer-songwriter. Remarkably, it was the time when she saw the need to sell her craft in the highly competitive music industry. And so far it has been nothing less than breathtaking, to say the least. In addition to working with various artists and music bands, Soccer has more than just one album on her account. Here you can find everything you need to know about her biography, age, family, and more.

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Soccer Mommy Bio (Age)

Since Soccer Mommy broke into mainstream success, music lovers have been fervently recording her songs while keeping an eye on information about her private life. The aspiring singer grew up with her parents in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States, but was born in Switzerland in 1997. However, the exact day and month of her arrival in the world are not known.

Soccer Mommy – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Singer
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Soccer Mommy developed a keen interest in the guitar at the age of six. It was also her love for the instrument with the frets that led her to enroll in the Nashville School of the Arts in Nashville, where she studied guitar and played in the swing band.

When it was time for college, the singer decided to continue her education at New York University. But before she went to college that year (2015), she recorded some songs at home and posted them on the online music platform Bandcamp under the name Soccer Mommy. Later, the pop-rock singer was accepted to study music business at the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

During her studies, she played her first show, which took place at the Silent Barn community art space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. After performing as Soccer Mommy in Brooklyn, she was subsequently signed by the record company Fat Possum.

Soccer Mommy spent two years studying the music business at the university and later decided to drop out in 2017 to pursue her music career in Nashville. So far, the aspiring guitarist/vocalist has released her own album and two full-length albums.

Her first full-length album, entitled For Young Hearts, was released in 2016 by Orchid Tapes, while the second (entitled Collection) was released in 2017 by Fat Possum Records. March 2, 2018, was the day Soccer Mommy released her first full-length album entitled Clean.

The singer has also undertaken musical tours with a number of artists and bands to further her young career. Among the stars she has worked with are Phoebe Bridgers, Slowdive, Jay Som, Liz Phair, Kacey Musgraves, Mitski, and Frankie Cosmos. Soccer Mommy was part of the team that toured with the pop band Foster the People and Tennessee-based rock band Paramore in the first half of the 2018 summer tour.

Soccer Mommy – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Singer
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Her Family

The soccer mom’s family consists of her parents, but their names are not yet disclosed by the singer. It is also not clear whether she has siblings or not. The singer once mentioned in an interview that the first acoustic guitar she used was bought by her parents and that they supported her career very much.

Although the singer is basically into indie rock, she said that her father is not super-musical, but that he is a big fan of the American rock singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen (born Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen).

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Facts About The Singer

1. Her real name is Sophie Allison

2. Her favorite TV shows are Daria, Buffy [the Vampire Slayer], Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Charmed.

3. She also loves playing Pokémon on the handheld game console Gameboy.

4. In addition to the guitar, Soccer Mommy can also play bass and drums. She learned the instruments at rock camp.

5. The singer started in the 1990s during her high school and college years with alt-country, but before that time she was mainly in the rock business.

6. Information about the body measurements, assets, and relationship status of the aspiring singer is currently not available for public inspection.

7. Renowned American singers such as Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift are some of her musical influences.

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