Jasmin Tawil (40) sees no reason to worry! On Thursday, a friend of the former GZSZ actress turned to the public with worrying news: after the actress flew to Germany from her adopted home of Costa Rica, she is said to have disappeared without a trace. The musician makes it clear online that she was never really missing. Also in relation to her son Ocean there jasmine now all clear!

After jasmine arrested in Costa Rica and placed in a psychiatric facility, her son Ocean was placed in a children’s home. According to media reports, she came to Germany to seek help. Via Instagram the 40-year-old now gives an update: “I would also like to add a quick note about my son: I am the mother and I take care of him. […] Everything is going well for me now and I’m making progress and I’m very grateful for that.” She also knows the person who is currently staying with her son.

Due to the recent negative headlines around jasmine Her father Michael Weber apparently felt compelled to act. “I applied for guardianship at the central family court in Berlin. Together we will find a solution to get Ocean out of there faster than expected. Means: In a few weeks, Ocean could leave the home in Costa Rica,” he reported RTL. So far, both parties have left it open how this process will continue.

Source: celebtap.com