David Jackson has made his decision! The influencer was looking for love this year on The Bachelor. Numerous women had courted his heart in Mexico, but in the end he sent everyone home except for Angelina Utzeri and Lisa Mieschke. In the grand final he now had to choose between the two women: And David gave her his very last rose!

Spoiler alert! If you still want to see the bachelor finale, don’t read any further!

In the last night of the roses, the content creator had to make the difficult decision. Both Angelina and Lisa stepped one last time in front of David, who only had one rose left. In the end, however, he chose Angelina – she wins this year’s Bachelor season. “I would like to tell you at this point that I have fallen in love with you,” he honestly admitted to her and gave her the last rose. “I fell in love with you too, definitely,” Angelina happily fell into his arms.

Source: celebtap.com