These stars are under two of The Masked Singer masks! The popular rate show has been running on German television screens again for two weeks – so far two of the candidates have had to say goodbye and take off their masks. A new episode will be broadcast tomorrow and the team around Ruth Moschner (47) and Rea Garvey (49) can again diligently guess who is putting a performance on stage under the costumes. Now, however, two costumes have apparently been revealed in advance!

Danger! If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading here.

Picture wants to know who is hiding under two of the disguises. The fans have already puzzled out a lot about the Diamantula spider disguise and are already on the right track – the singer is said to be Patricia Kelly (53). She had to cancel her own tour this year, but she is still on stage, albeit disguised. So far, no one has really been able to guess who is hiding under the shell of the giant shoebill. But the former DSDS participant Luca Hänni (28) is said to be hiding underneath.