Even though the comedian and podcaster Bert Kreischer is quite unknown in this country, the first trailer of “The Machine” is really nice. This is mainly due to a wonderfully over-enthusiastic Mark Hamill, who takes on the Russian mafia here.

Bert Kreischer is an American stand-up comedian, also known as “The Machine”, who likes to go topless on his comedy shows. How he got his nickname, the comedian tells over and over again – it is related to a wild story from his student days. This is about the fact that as a young boy he accidentally helped the Russian mafia rob a train.

A fierce robber’s gun is one of the entertainer’s most entertaining stage routines. The action comedy “The Machine” asks what would happen if the Russian mob decided to revisit Bert Kreischer 23 years after the actual incident. Now there’s a first trailer for the wild mix of action and comedy.

A special highlight is already Mark Hamiltonwho, as Albert Kreischer, is already a real “scene stealer” in the first moving pictures. The “Star Wars” veteran plays the sweet grandpa here, but he never leaves his son with a green hair and always has something to complain about in “The Machine”. However, when the father-son team is kidnapped to Russia, the two suddenly have to work together. However the movie ends, Mark Hamill is already fun in the trailer. The Luke Skywalker actor shows full physical commitment and takes on the mafia while taking drugs.

And that’s what “The Machine” is about

Bert Kreischer (playing himself) is now annoyed by his stage image as “The Machine”, as the comedian is now getting on in years and leads a quiet life with his wife and child. When his estranged father (Mark Hamill) shows up, the stand-up comedian’s life turns miserable. Could it get any worse?

The answer: Yes, because 23 years after the experiences in Russia, in which Bert played a key role in a train robbery and thus unintentionally supported the mafia, those dark figures suddenly lie on his mat again and kidnap him and his father to her home country, where he would have to pay for his actions – apparently the elderly comedian has found himself in the middle of a conflict in the Russian underworld.

It remains to be seen how funny the confrontation with the sinister gangsters will turn out in the end. In the US, the fast-paced action comedy will begin on May 26, 2023. It is not yet known if and when the film will be shown in local cinemas.

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