Anne Wunsch (31) made quite a mistake on her vacation. The influencer is currently relaxing with her family in Zanzibar – the former Berlin – day & night actress lets her fans participate in the luxurious vacation via social media. Among other things, she also shared a video in which starfish were fished out of the sea for Anne’s family. However, such actions end fatally for the little animals – therefore it rained criticism for Anne.

Starfish should probably not be taken out of the water, otherwise air bubbles will get into their vascular system – this is fatal for the animals. That’s why got Anne much criticism for the action. The responded to Instagram now to the accusations and showed himself remorseful: “I didn’t know. Should have informed myself beforehand.” She now has a terribly guilty conscience and would never have allowed the animals to be taken out if she had known more about the consequences.

Anne was wrongly informed during her vacation: “I hope I can warn many about this with my reach. You often don’t know such things and trust the people who offer such tours. You also ask them if that’s okay and they say, ‘Yeah, ten minutes max’,” she said, shocked.