The protagonist of “A Little White Lie” spontaneously jumps at the chance to be someone important for a weekend. In the beginning he still has fun, but then he gets into serious trouble. Here’s the trailer of the star-studded American comedy:

Michael Maren’s “A Little White Lie” (“A Short History Of Decay”) begins in North America March 3, 2023 on select theater screens and also streaming. Unfortunately, it has not yet been announced when and how we can see the film in this country.

Maren’s script is based on Chris Belden’s novel Shriver (“The Man Who Died Twice”). The work is also available in English and in various formats in Germany:

» Chris Belden’s book “Shriver” on Amazon*

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Shriver (Michael Shannon) is a disgruntled and depressed loner. Due to a confusion with a namesake, he is mistaken one day for a famous writer. It all culminates in his invitation by a provincial university to guest star at their annual literature festival.

Since he has nothing better to do at the moment and could use a paid vacation, he does not resolve the misunderstanding, but accepts and sets off. Arriving on site, Shriver enjoys the unusual admiration of the intellectuals gathered there (including Don Johnson, Wendie Malick, Perry Mattfeld), the accommodation, and especially the plentiful supply of alcoholic beverages.

However, the highlight of the weekend for Shriver is the special attention he receives from attractive English professor Simone Cleary (Kate Hudson). Just when things get serious, the real Shriver (Zach Braff) shows up on campus…

Many familiar faces in the cast of “A Little White Lie”

When we first told you about A Little White Lie in 2017, the movie was going to be called Shriver and Thomas Haden Church and Toni Collette were going to star. Six years later, Michael Shannon and Kate Hudson are back on screen.

You know Shannon, a two-time Academy Award nominee, from “Knives Out”, “Nocturnal Animals” and of course as Superman’s adversary General Zod in “Man Of Steel” and “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. As revealed in the recent trailer for The Flash, Shannon will also play the villain in the latest DC blockbuster.

Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and stepchild of Kurt Russell. The Californian celebrated her breakthrough with ‘Almost Famous’, for which she also received an Oscar nomination. Most recently, Hudson was featured prominently in the Netflix megahit Glass Onion.

Other notable roles include Don Johnson from Miami Vice, Scrubs star Zach Braff, Aja Naomi King (How To Get Away With Murder), Peyton List (Star Trek: Picard), Perry Mattfeld (“In The Dark”), Wendie Malick ( “Hot In Cleveland”), Jimmi Simpson (“Westworld”) and “Sons Of Anarchy” veteran Mark Boone Junior. If you don’t want to miss “A Little White Lie” and other major reboots of all genres – whether on the big screen, in streaming or for home theater – simply subscribe to our free newsletter, which comes out every Thursday.

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