Does Peter Klein (55) take good care of his ex’s four-legged friends? Since the separation from his wife Iris (55), the trained master painter has lived alone in their finca on Mallorca, which they once shared. Meanwhile, Daniela Katzenberger’s (36) mother has moved into a small apartment. But she can’t keep her beloved dogs in this one, which is why she continues to Peter life. Now the 55-year-old has revealed how the furry friends in his care are doing.

“Before I get any stupid messages again or anyone thinks the two cuties are being neglected… No, they’re both fine and lovingly cared for.”said the amateur singer in his Instagram-Story clear. He also emphasized that he loves his dogs. In addition, there Peter his fans a little insight into his everyday life with the four-legged friends. “Because it’s so beautiful, the dog sitter simply shifts his job to the terrace of the finca,” he blurted out.

But whether he will share his home with the dogs for much longer is questionable. In your Instagram-Story had iris a few weeks ago that she misses her two dogs very much. Therefore, the former jungle camp candidate is planning to bring her pets back to her soon. “Now I’m thinking again about moving and renting a house and then picking up the dogs again”she had noted.