Harrison Ford (80) did not expect that. The actor is an absolute must in Hollywood. His roles in Indiana Jones and Star Wars are legendary to fans and utterly iconic. In Cannes he celebrated his last “Indiana Jones” premiere and his last appearance as a whip-wielding archaeologist. But apparently he still has his role as a heartthrob – and made the compliment of a journalist Harrison really speechless.

Together with his colleagues Mads Mikkelsen (57) and Phoebe Waller Bridge (37) gave Harrison a press conference on his film. How TheMirror reports, a reporter not only asked a question, but also surprisingly flattered him: “Listen, I still think you’re hot and we loved it when you took off your shirt in the second scene.” Her compliment made the whole room and the Hollywood stars laugh. Harrison seemed touched and he stuttered briefly. “See, I’ve been… I’ve been blessed with this body”he then joked.

The premiere of his last “Indiana Jones” was for Harrison probably a very emotional matter. After walking the red carpet on Thursday, the film was finally due to be shown. But before it started, the festival surprised him with a summary of the highlights of his career. He even cried: “I’m very moved by this.”

Source: celebtap.com