There was probably no straight tone! Bachelor David Jackson is currently looking for great love. Some of the candidates have already opened up to the influencer. Alyssa spoke to the bachelor about a severe stroke of fate in her life: the blonde had already had a miscarriage – but now she is happy with her life. Just before the night of the roses invites David then to karaoke night – and the fans are horrified.

As the ladies shared with David sing a few songs, the spectators pray Twitter among other things: “I ask you to stop” and “Don’t sing!” Another soberly states: “Oh please! As if it wasn’t bad enough without singing!” The bachelor girls should probably not start a singing career in the future if the fans have their way.

But it’s not just Alyssa who opens up to her David – Angelina also told: Her childhood was not so easy! She was bullied because of her forehead in elementary school. “My forehead was always a blatant issue. Airport forehead, giant forehead, egghead…”she now admits emotionally. David then comforts her lovingly.