Gwyneth Paltrow (50) tested a different kind of trend! With her lifestyle company Goop, the actress has been making headlines for over ten years. How come? Because among the sex toys and everyday helpers there are often questionable products – such as their legendary vagina scented candle or the vampire repellent spray. Nevertheless, Chris Martin’s (46) ex-wife is successful with her weird ideas. Despite her extraordinary taste, she found this wellness treatment a bit strange: Gwyneth once underwent rectal ozone therapy!

She revealed that in the podcast “The Art of Being Well”: “I once had ozone therapy applied rectally. Is it even possible to tell something like that?”, began Gwyneth. “It’s really quite weird. It’s completely weird, yes… But it was very helpful.” For your information: During the treatment, oxygen and ozone are introduced through the rectum into the intestine via a bag. What does that bring? In addition to increasing energy and improving metabolism, the benefits of rectal ozone therapy are said to include an anti-aging effect.

In addition to such wellness experiments, the 50-year-old also does a lot for her well-being in everyday life… So she showed in one YouTube-Vlog last year that she starts each day with a workout, followed by a sauna session with celery juice and a book. Afterwards, she always takes a long shower and devotes herself to her facial routine. In addition, she would always make sure to drink at least two liters of water a day.