Anything goes in a horror movie, so it’s (almost) unsurprising that the creators of “Stranger Things” and the writers of “Ant Man And The Wasp” are now working on a shocker in which gnomes in pointed hats must wreak havoc.

Sony Pictures

The horror genre is a plethora of inexhaustible opportunities to shed a lot of blood. In addition to the classic mask killers, jeans, water slides, refrigerators or undead beavers have also caused fear and terror in these regions. Now the gallery of absurd manhunters is expanding even further, because as recently announced, Sony is currently developing a horror film about bloodthirsty gnomes.

Well, the idea is not entirely new, because the film is a long adaptation of the Dutch short film “Kabouters” by Richard Raaphorst and Ruwan Heggelman. As reported now via Deadline, no director has yet been confirmed for the project, but top class names are already on board. Shawn Levy (“Free Guy”) is producing the horror film with his company 21 Laps, which is also involved in the creation of “Stranger Things”. The screenplay is from Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, who previously wrote the Marvel blockbuster Ant-Man And The Wasp.

Meanwhile, the short film “Gnomes” is about a girl who stumbles one day into the territory of a murderous tribe of gnomes and finds herself in increasing danger after being lured by a mysterious glowing mushroom. Even if the short film has not yet been released in this country and has not yet been published on YouTube, we can at least present you with a small teaser that already shows that “Gnomes” is anything but a prude and therefore probably also indicates the direction for the feature film adaptation. Genre fans of the harder tempo can look forward to:

Incidentally: Gnomes, who we in this country probably know better than garden gnomes (at least visually with a white beard and a red pointed hat), are not uncommon in the cinema. For example, the horror film “Gnome Alone” was released in 2015, while in the fantasy area films such as “Gnomeo and Juliet” from 2011 and “Sherlock Gnomes” from 2018 can be discovered. In addition, the little mythical creatures also appear in works such as “The Neverending Story” or “Goosebumps”. But now they can show their cruel side again.

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