“Extreme Job” was the cinema hit of 2019, even more successful than “Avengers 4” – at least in its home country of South Korea! The action comedy broke all records there. Before the Hollywood remake arrives, you can now stream the original for free on Amazon.

At the center of the action comedy “Extreme Job – Spicy-Chicken-Police” is a malfunctioning undercover police unit. To avert her impending end due to lack of success, she wants to take down a drug gang. But the only place from which observation is possible is at a little-visited chicken coop. As a regular customer, you quickly attract attention…

So Captain Go (Ryu Seung-ryong), the powerful detective Jang (Lee Hanee), the no-nonsense detective Young-ho (Lee Dong-hwi), the detective Ma (Jin Seon-kyu) who struggles with financial problems and summoned young cop Jae-hoon (Gong Myung) to take over the fast food restaurant – and After initial problems, they are soon more successful than in their actual profession.

“Extreme Job – Spicy Chicken Police” is now available to stream on Amazon Freevee. The streaming service is completely free you just have to live with commercial breaks. And a nice touch: you not only get the German dubbed version, but also the Korean original version with German subtitles as an optional alternative.

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Comedy Meets Heavy Action in “Extreme Job”

Although the emphasis in the short description at the beginning is more on the comic part of the film, it should not go unmentioned that that “Extreme Job” also offers a lot of action – with a really crazy mass brawl at the end.

The hearts of many action fans should beat faster because there are wonderful ideas and the different talents of the team are put to good use. For example, Jang has a history as a muay thai fighter, while Ma was part of the South Korean national judo team before joining the police force. These are things that come in handy when you suddenly find yourself outnumbered by enemies.

Even though “Extreme Job” is a bit slapstick at times and there’s a bit of laziness in the middle section, we can make a recommendation.

“Extreme Job”: a mega-mega cinema success

In South Korea, “Extreme Job – Spicy Chicken Police” was an unprecedented hit. More than 16 million people poured into cinemas, the action comedy broke countless records and was even more successful than “Avengers: endgame“.

In order to better classify these figures, you can also take a look at Germany in addition to the Marvel comparison, where about 30 million people (and therefore potential moviegoers*) live more than in South Korea: The current mega hit “Avatar 2 : The Way Of Water” has currently sold 9.5 million movie tickets. The last time in this country was in 2009 (!) “Avatar” was a movie that attracted more than ten million people to the cinemas. For numbers on the scale of Extreme Job in South Korea, we have to go back to the Titanic in the 1990s.

Besides, a Hollywood remake of “Extreme Job” is long in the works after such success numbers. Studio Universal, which is behind the series ‘Fast & Furious’, has immediately secured the rights in 2019. Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver was hired to write a script tailored for comedy star Kevin Hart. There have been no updates since then, so it is unknown how the project is currently progressing.

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