Olivia Wilde (39) can look forward to an interim success in the fight for custody! In 2011 she began dating Jason Sudeikis (47), who proposed to her the following year. Although the two actors never married, they had two children together. After their surprising separation in 2020, they are said to have initially remained friends and mastered raising children as a team. However, the peaceful relationship did not last long: they have been fighting in court for custody since August. Well can Olivia score their first success!

Loud TMZ may be Jason’s The last move in the custody dispute was a motion to move the trial from California to New York. This state is generally less generous with child support payments than California. But he was unsuccessful with that. A New York judge announced that the trial would remain in California “in the interest of justice”. Olivia’s Lawyers also emphasized that jason could afford to file lawsuit after lawsuit while his ex-fiancée did not have the financial means to do so. “Jason shouldn’t be allowed to Olivia to plunge into debt,” court documents make clear.

The request wasn’t the first time that jason and his lawyers tried to take his ex by surprise. In April, court documents were delivered to her by a courier while she was on stage to introduce her film, Don’t Worry Darling. “Jason’s actions were clearly aimed at threatening and taking me by surprise. He could have handed me the documents discreetly, but instead he chose to do it in the most aggressive way possible.”the actress stressed in court.

Source: celebtap.com