She jumps out of the shadow of the royal family! Sarah Ferguson (63), the ex-wife of Prince Andrew (63), has recently become a bestselling author. She has been fighting her way away from the family and towards her own independence since her divorce in 1996. As an author she is now trying to make a name for herself independently of the royals – her ex supports her in this. Sarah found her own way without the royal titles!

In an interview with OK! gives Fergie, as she is called by many, a glimpse into her life. “It’s liberating. I started a new career at 60, many can’t do that. I’m now known as a best-selling author, not just as someone who was married to a royal family member.”, she explains proudly. It feels like it’s time to be herself and start a new life.

Sarah broke with royal protocol when she divorced Prince Andrew in the ’90s. She emigrated to America and was the first member of the royal family to give an interview with Oprah (69). Nevertheless, she and her ex-husband have a good relationship and support each other in all situations.