Sully Erna Wife, Daughter, Height, Net Worth, Age, Bio

Sully Erna Wife, Daughter, Height, Net Worth, Age, Bio

Sully Erna is best known for his overwhelming vocal range and as one of the music industry’s major influences on the development of various genres such as Alternative Metal, Nu Metal, Heavy Metal, Post-Grunge, and Hard Rock. The music maestro began profiting from the music industry in 1986, and since then he has grown into a force to be reckoned with among his peers.

For people unfamiliar with the star, Sully is an actor, singer-songwriter/musician with extensive knowledge of instruments such as guitar, harmonica, piano, and drums. He has been a member of the American heavy metal band Godsmack for many years, and the number is growing. Since he became well known in the music scene, he has worked with the renowned labels Universal Musical Group and Republic Records as well as with the popular singer Lisa Guyer, the power metal band Meliah Rage and Strip Mind.

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Erna developed a fondness for music at the age of three when he began to take an interest in drums. As a small boy, he watched his father play the trumpet at home. Over the years, the singer began to sing and later had his big breakthrough when he got his first record deal with the band Strip Mind in 1993. Not long after that, Erna left the band after they split up and in 1995 they formed the band Godsmack.

Sully Erna Wife, Daughter, Height, Net Worth, Age, Bio
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Sully Erna Bio (Age)

The Godsmack singer was born to his parents Salvatore Erna and Connie Erna as Salvatore Paul Erna Jr. on February 7, 1968, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in the United States. His family has an extensive musical background, as his father was a prominent trumpeter, while his great-uncle was a famous music composer in Sicily, an autonomous island in the Italian region. Every year the island honors Sully’s great uncle by playing his music and hanging his paintings in museums.

The musician has two siblings, named Carlo Erna and Maria Erna. While the former is his brother, the latter is his older sister. Both of them have supported their brother’s career from day one.

At the age of eleven, Sully decided to stop playing music off the sheet and rehearse with his teachers. This happened after he discovered that it was easier to listen to and play songs than to read and play what was on the sheet. Immediately after he quit music lessons, Sully began practicing at home, recording songs from various rock bands such as Rush, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, and Motörhead.

As a multi-instrumentalist, he has performed in several live shows and albums. In December 2006, Hit Parader Magazine ranked him 47th on their list of the 100 best heavy metal singers of all time. Outside of the music stage, he has also performed exceptionally well on the big screen, appearing in many television series, films, documentaries, live performances by his band, and home videos. His most recent work is The Manor, where he was cast as Brett Bayton.

Sully Erna Wife, Daughter, Height, Net Worth, Age, Bio
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Together with his bandmates, Sully Erna has released the following records Godsmack (1998), Awake (2000), Faceless (2003), The Other Side (2004), IV (2006), Good Times, Bad Times… Ten years Godsmack (2007), The Oracle (2010), Live and Inspired (2012), 1000hp (2014), and When Legends Rise (2018).

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Despite his busy schedule and many tours, the singer also finds time to record his songs and albums. So far he has written and recorded three solo albums. His debut album entitled Avalon was released in 2010, while the other two (Avalon Live and Hometown Life) were released in 2012 and 2016 respectively. Sully Erna also has his memoirs, which document his life and career with the Godsmack band. The memoirs entitled: The Paths We Choose were released in 2007.

Sully Erna Net Worth

The frontman of the Godsmack band is estimated at $16 million, most of which comes from his flourishing career. His fortune came mainly from his engagements in the music industry, his day job, his music tours, and other ventures.

Family – Wife, and Daughter

Sully Erna has been married since 2004 when he entered into the bond of marriage with his lover Joanna Wortham. The versatile maestro has a daughter named Skylar Brooke Erna. She was born on December 17, 2001.


The gasoline actor stands at a height of 1.68 meters (5 feet 6 inches) and weighs 64 kilograms or 140 pounds. Although his other body measurements have not yet been announced, he has the right physical characteristics for his demanding career.

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