Do you like ironic retro horror spiced up with real shock moments? Then “She Came From The Woods”, which has just been released in US cinemas, should be on your wavelength. Here’s the trailer:

The trailer of “She Came From The Woods” promises a lot of fun for all lovers of 80s horror movies like “Friday the 13th” or “Nightmare – Murderous Dreams”, both in terms of plot and look and feel. And then one of the main roles will also be cast by Cara Buono, who has played the mother of Mike and Nancy Wheeler in all four seasons of the Netflix hit “Stranger Things” so far!

The film premiered in US cinemas a few days ago, When and how “She Came From The Woods” will be released in Germany is not yet known.

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This is what “She Came From The Woods” is about: Gilbert McCalister (William Sadler) and his daughter Heather (Cara Buono) run Camp Briarbrook, a youth summer camp. On the last night of the 1987 season, the staff and supervisors (including Ehad Berisha, Adam Weppler) gather at the edge of the forest to celebrate the end of summer.

Inspired by copious amounts of alcohol, one of them makes himself a macabre joke, jokingly trying to awaken the spirit of Agatha, a supposedly evil, sadistic nurse who, according to legend, worked at the camp decades ago, died horribly, and is now among the dead. to chase trees. The fun quickly turns serious when the demon actually appears…

“She Came From The Woods” is based on a short film

She Came From The Woods is directed by Ten Minutes To Midnight director Erik Bloomquist. The blood-soaked horror comedy is the feature-length reboot of his 2017 short film of the same name. Bloomquist also took on one of the major supporting roles in the film, sharing both the script and production work on the project with his brother, Carson Bloomquist.

In addition to “Stranger Things” star Cara Buono, several other well-known mimes stood in front of Bloomquist’s camera. Among them are William Sadler (“The Mist”), the now grown-up Clare Foley from “Sinister” and Michael Park from the series “The Time Traveller’s Wife”. Spencer List (“Breavement”) and Tyler Elliot Burke (“X-Men: Dark Phoenix”) also join the cast.

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