A relieving update from the family of Alfonso Ribeiro (51). The actor recently brought bad news to his fans: his little daughter Ava Sue was badly injured in a scooter accident – ​​the four-year-old even had to have an operation afterwards. Since then, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star’s offspring have been recovering from the incident. And apparently successful: Loud Alfonso Wife Ava is getting better and better.

In your Instagram-Story became Angela Unkrich asked by her fans about the health of her offspring. Happily, the actor’s wife declared: “She did really well this week!” angela added that her little ones are actually “better from day to day” after the accident.

Ava’s accident had happened just a day before her fourth birthday. At the party the next day, however, the little one was able to smile again – despite the wounds on her face. “She is so brave, strong and creative!‘ her dad gushed about Ava on her special day.

Source: celebtap.com