What great news from Philipp Stehler (34) and his Vanessa Ciomber! Things are going really well for the two of them: the influencers are expecting their first child, and their son will be born soon. A few weeks ago, the actor made a romantic proposal to his loved ones in front of friends and family. well have Philip and Vanessa already married!

Across from Picture confirmed Philipthat he and his fiancée stepped in front of the altar – secretly, because hardly anyone was in the know! “Yes, that’s right. We got married just before the birth of our son, who was very small, just the two of us.”, says the former Bachelorette candidate overjoyed. But of course that shouldn’t have been the only celebration for the dream couple! “We’re having a big party next year!” he promises.

In the celebrity flash-Interview, the lovebirds revealed that they want to wait a little longer with their big wedding – and for certain reasons! “We plan to make it bigger next year when maybe the little one can walk”explained Philip. In addition, the party should take place at a time when Vanessa has recovered extensively from the birth and can really celebrate again.

Source: celebtap.com