Katja Krasavice (26) can obviously never get enough of that! The rapper is on the jury in this year’s season of DSDS – here she has already rebelled against Dieter Bohlen (69) to strengthen the equality of women in casting shows. However, she became known for her adult content on YouTube. But apparently there is a soft core behind the hard shell. Then Katya now revealed what she is really addicted to.

In a question and answer session on the Instagramchannel of the specially appointed bad bitch, a follower wanted to know what she’s addicted to. “Kiss!”, she answered the question succinctly, but further reinforced her statement by saying: “I’ve made out on a bench somewhere in the midst of people for hours (four hours at least) so many times.” As she records this answer video, her full lips accentuated with red lipstick really catch the eye.

But that wasn’t the only question the 26-year-old answered in her story. When asked by a fan if she slept naked, she wrote: “Yes. Sometimes with a thong, but otherwise the bad bitch sleeps naked. Much to the delight of my friends who stay with me.”

Source: celebtap.com