In “Horizon Line”, German Netflix star Alexander Dreymon and Allison Williams, known for the horror hit “M3GAN”, fight to survive. ZDF shows the thriller that should have been shown in the cinema.

“Horizon Line” is one of those movies that could not be released in theaters due to Corona. Instead of the originally planned presentation on large screens, there were only the (in most cases) smaller TV screens for the home. Sky released the thriller in summer 2021 as a WOW streaming subscription, then it came out on DVD and Blu-ray and came out as VoD on all other providers. Now it runs on free TV for the first time.

ZDF shows the thriller with an additional German title: Horizon Line – crash landing in paradise“ runs today, February 27, 2023 from 10:15 p.m. – with no commercial breaks. After the broadcast, the thriller will also be available in the media library from 11:35 p.mso that it can also be streamed completely free for the next few days

Free TV premiere on ZDF: This is “Horizon Line”

Jackson (Alexander Dreymon) and Sara (Allison Williams) were once lovers. They reunite rather involuntarily when they are both invited to a wedding on a remote island. To reach the party place, they climb into the small plane owned by veteran pilot Wyman (Keith David). But when he has a heart attack in the air, they suddenly have to take control of the machine. And to make matters worse, a storm is brewing…

“Horizon Line” was staged by Swedish director Mikael Marcimain, who is best known for TV detective stories and thrillers such as “Wallander” adaptations. The screenplay is by 10 Cloverfield Lane writers Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken. However, the survival struggle of an ex-couple high above the sky was usually only moderately received: On the major internet platforms, audience feedback is quite average.

The project was a success, at least for the protagonists. German-born Alexander Dreymon, who rose to fame with the Netflix series The Last Kingdom, and Allison Williams, who recently caused a stir with the AI ​​puppet horror M3GAN, became a couple during filming and are now parents to a son.

This horror masterpiece is one of the most disturbing movies of all time – our streaming tip