That has consequences! The football club FC Bayern Munich recently had to accept a bitter defeat. In a Champions League game against Manchester City they lost and conceded three goals. Then should Sadio Mane freaked out in the dressing room and hit his colleague Leroy Sané (27). supposedly have Leroy afterwards also had a bloody lip. Now the news: Sadio has been suspended!

That reports now Picture. After the alleged incident, the strong sports club probably made a decision: Sadio is apparently temporarily suspended! Leroy was already sighted after all the news. The 27-year-old, who was allegedly attacked, left the team’s hotel in Manchester while hiding his face.

After the game, Sadio is said to be totally pissed off Leroy have been. The Senegalese is said to have been upset that Leroy didn’t really communicate with him during the game. As a result, both were said to be quite angry – that’s how the Zoff in the cabin is said to have come about.