Bill Gates (67) can finally hold his grandchild in his arms. Just a few days ago, Jennifer Gates (26), the daughter of the Microsoft inventor, welcomed her first child into the world. She had the offspring together with her husband Nayl Nassar. So far, the couple has not revealed any details about the baby. Now the newcomer was also allowed to get to know his grandparents – and grandpa Bill can’t wait to spend time together.

At Instagram Splits Bill the first picture with the latest addition to the family. The tech visionary lovingly holds his grandchild in his arms and carefully touches his little hand. Apparently, the first meeting between grandpa and grandson seems to have gone well. “I can’t wait to see you discover the world”, writes the 67-year-old. But the first meeting with the newly minted grandmother also went smoothly. bills Ex-wife Melinda (58) posts the first photo: “Nothing in the world is like holding your first grandchild in your arms.”

Even before his daughter’s baby was born, he explained Bill his fans how excited he was at the idea of ​​being a grandpa. On his blog “Gates Notes” he wrote at the end of last year: “Just typing that sentence, ‘I’m going to be a grandfather next year’ makes me emotional. […] Thinking about the world my grandchild will be born into inspires me more than ever.”