Hilary Swank (48) hovers in baby happiness! In October she had announced that she and her husband Phillip Schneider are expecting their first offspring together – and twice, because they were looking forward to twins. For the actress, with the babies, the long-cherished wish for a family should finally come true. Now are Hilarys Twins born safe and sound.

The “Million Dollar Baby” actress now announces this with a sweet snapshot Instagram: Here she is seen from behind holding her two newborns while looking at a beautiful sunset. Beneath reveals Hilary some details right away – the birth of her son and daughter seems to have brought some complications. “It wasn’t easy. But boy (and girl!) was it worth it. Happy Easter! Posting from heaven”she enthuses underneath.

The fans, too Hilarys Celebrity colleagues are delighted with the sweet post. “God bless you honey. This is the most extraordinary journey ever. I’m so happy for you all!”, says Sharon Stone (65), for example. Jesse Tyler Ferguson (47), Viola Davis (57) and Sophia Bush (40) also send enthusiastic congratulations.

Source: celebtap.com