Sydney Brooke Simpson Relationship With O.J Simpson, Wiki, Net Worth
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Sydney Brooke Simpson was born on October 17, 1985, as the daughter of Nicole Brown Simpson, the German-American ex-wife of retired professional footballer and actor Orenthal James “O. J.”. Simpson, popularly known as O.J. Simpson.

She has a younger brother named Justin Ryan Simpson, who is 27 years old. Sydney lives a private life in St. Peterburg, Florida, in her ranch-style house, where she usually stays indoors and rarely goes out with her three older dogs, who seem to be the only companions she has in her house. When she goes outside, she supposedly goes into the small backyard and sleeps in a hammock.

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Sydney Brooke Simpson Wiki

Sydney attended Gulliver Academy and, according to her aunt, is said to be a 2010 Boston University graduate who earned a BA in Sociology from the university’s College of Arts and Science. After college, she lived in Atlanta for some time and worked as an event coordinator for Canoe before moving to St. Peterburg where she opened her own company, Simspy LLC, in 2014. She currently owns three properties in the area that she would like to add to her property portfolio, including a restaurant.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Relationship With O.J Simpson, Wiki, Net Worth

Sydney and her brother Ryan have managed to stay away from the media and public discussion. They lead a normal life without celebrities but have a legend as a father and the circumstances surrounding their mother’s death have always led people to talk about her. Their willingness to stay away from the media and public discussion has a lot to do with their mother’s death, which is more of a murder case that their father, O.J. Simpson, is supposed to be connected to and even stood trial for.

Well, people won’t stop talking about her, even as the award-winning crime series “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”: An American Crime Story”, was produced to remind the public of the story and to ask questions about what happened to Nicole and O.J. Simpson’s children.

Sydney Brooke Simpson’s Relationship With O.J Simpson

The nickname The Juice is the father of Sydney Brooke and Justin Ryan Simpson. His full name is Orenthal James Simpson, but he is popularly known as O.J. Simpson, a retired NFL legend. Sydney was born to him by his late wife Nicole just over 8 months after the divorce from his first wife Marguerite L. Whitley after he had tied the wedding cord with her.

O.J. Simpsons, Heisman Trophy winner, and NFL star football player met Nicole Brown – Syndey’s mother, a nightclub waitress – in 1977. This led to his divorce from his first wife Marguerite and their 3 children in 1979, just months after he left the NFL. Six years later, Brown and Simpson were married on February 2, 1985, and received Sydney on October 17, 1985, and Justin Simpson increased the number of family members to 4 on August 6, 1988.

In 1989, Simpson and Brown’s marriage broke up when O.J. was accused of marital abuse by his wife, who subsequently filed for divorce in 1992 on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.

Sydney Brooke Simpson Relationship With O.J Simpson, Wiki, Net Worth

A series of sad events and attempts at reconciliation, which unfortunately did not work, led to the death of Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman outside Nicole’s Brentwood apartment two years after they filed for divorce.

Sydney and Justin were just 8 and 5 years old, respectively, when their mother and boyfriend were murdered in their Los Angeles home on June 12, 1994. O.J. Simpson was later tried for the gruesome murder of Nicole Brown but was controversially acquitted in a highly public eight-month trial. His lawyer and close friend Robert Kardashian – the late father of Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob – made sure of that. This trial was called “the trial of the century”, but O.J.’s acquittal caused public dissatisfaction and condemnation.

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O.J. served his sentence in a Nevada jail after being convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008 after getting a group of men to break into a hotel room in Las Vegas to steal sports memorabilia. In July 2017 he ran for parole, and while he was behind bars, he lost his home in Miami due to foreclosure. He was released from prison on October 1, 2017, after spending 9 years behind bars.

Net Worth

Sydney Brooke Simpson has followed in her mother’s footsteps and has a stint in real estate. She is the owner of the house she currently lives in and has acquired several properties there. She is a catering company that, in coalition with her brother, has built a small real estate empire in St. Petersburg, Florida, and has acquired 13 properties since 2015. According to reliable sources, the properties are located in low-income areas and total about $500,000.