Are Sylvie Meis’ (44) holiday snapshots made? A few weeks ago, the Love Island presenter announced her separation from Niclas Castello. After two years of marriage, the two should now go their separate ways due to different life situations. During the couple’s last trip together, rumors circulated again that the Dutch woman’s paparazzi photos were staged. She is said to have ordered the photographers in Miami to the beach herself. Now speak Sylvie Plain text about the allegations!

“In Holland they always say: ‘Sylvie call the paparazzi!’ That’s not true”she resists Gala. In her home country, too, she seems to be often confronted with the long-standing rumors that she wants to get rid of. She is of course aware that cameras are ambushing the stars at the holiday hotspots. “It just puts me under pressure sometimes when they wait for me to get up from the lounger and go into the water. I don’t want to do that to myself anymore,” explains Sylvie. That’s why she wants to travel to a place this year where nobody recognizes her.

But even without lurking photographers, their fans can look forward to holiday photos of TV fame. After the love-off with Nicholas she had a good time in Mexico. She simply showed off her sexy swimwear on social media. But that was also considered inappropriate on the internet. “Oh dear Sylvie, I like you very much, but do you have to present yourself like that after your husband’s separation? A little more reserved would be appropriate,” commented one user.