The two probably don’t like much fanfare! Taika Waititi (47) and Rita Ora (32) have been going through life together for some time. Engagement and wedding rumors surfaced for the first time last year. In early 2023, the singer personally confirmed the news. Obviously, the couple just didn’t want to make a big fuss about the wedding. And how Rita now betrayed, there wasn’t this fuss about the engagement either!

In an interview with the British edition of the glamour the 32-year-old admits that Taikas application was more than unspectacular. “Well, honestly, there wasn’t all that fuss about getting on your knees. It was more like, ‘I want to marry you. Let’s just do it'”, says the “Let Me Love You” interpreter. Like the proposal, the beauty ultimately wanted to keep the wedding private – without much attention.

Even if the wedding was super private, a few more details can be added Rita but then still elicit them for their special day. So she reveals who, among other things, was there. “My sister was there, that was great for me, and he had his daughters with him, which was incredible for him, it was a dream, my parents were connected via zoom,” the musician continues to reveal.