Did Tanja Makarić (25) possibly get a little help? The former professional swimmer has been with YouTuber Julian Claßen (29) for the past year. At the beginning of their relationship, however, the influencer had to take some mean comments online: The brunette was sometimes criticized for allegedly using too many filters on social media. But would Tanya also get help in other areas?

In a question and answer session Instagram a curious fan burned the question of whether Tanya had something done to her in the past. The beauty then denied this assumption: “I have no plastic surgery, I have not had any injections”she clarified firmly.

Julian’s However, the partner does not seem to have a problem with it when other people decide to have a little help optically. “I have nothing against it, everyone should do what they want”stressed Tanya then neutral while her sweetheart fed her a gummy bear.

Source: celebtap.com