Now who will it be? Actor Taron Egerton (33) is probably on the list of possible replacements for the role of the famous agent James Bond. Since Daniel Craig (55) put it down, new actors have been coming up for the part: including Tom Hardy (45) and Idris Elba (50). Idris has already denied the rumors with a laugh. Now Taron spoke up too!

in one telegraphinterview, however, Taron stated that he had doubts about getting the iconic role. “I don’t think I’m the right choice. You have to have a certain stature, I’m still working on that,” said the “Kingsman” actor. In order to play the role of James Bond, you have to combine several things: “You’re a brand ambassador for Bond and an actor at the same time.” Also the at least 15-year commitment to the character seems to be holding him back Taron also clarified, “There were no phone calls about the role.”

director Barbara Broccoli had also already commented on the subject: “There is no script yet and we cannot write one until we find a bond. We’re reinventing the character.”