What does he say to that? Singer Taylor Swift (33) and actor Taylor Lautner (31) met and fell in love on the set of the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” in 2009. However, their romance was short-lived. In her song “Back To December” the blonde processes the separation from the Twilight star at the time. The “Shake It Off” hitmaker recently revealed that she’s now re-recording the song. Now her ex Taylor is reacting to her “Back To December” remake!

The musician will soon be releasing a re-recording of her third studio album, Speak Now, which features one of her most famous breakup ballads. On the talk show “today” the 31-year-old now commented on the remake: “I think it’s a great album – I’m sure of it.” He added that his eponymous wife, Taylor Dome, is surprisingly excited about the release – she reportedly admitted to being a die-hard fan of the songwriter!

Unlike many of her other breakup songs, the blonde apologizes in said hit Taylor for how their relationship ended. The hottie made assumptions during the round table that Taylor’s Expired John Mayer (45), however, could get the anger of their fans. Because in her hit “Dear John” the beauty takes up the massive age difference to the “Gravity” musician. “I’m praying for John,” joked the “Twilight Saga” actor.

Source: celebtap.com