She believes the temptress! Charline Grothe and Adrian Loevenich are currently testing their loyalty to Temptation Island. Right from the start it had been hot in the villa of the given men. Even during a date with seductress Melissa (26), the muscle man had put his foot down. After that he is said to have even masturbated in the toilet because the blonde had done it to him so much – Adrian however, denied it. Across from celebrity flash expresses itself now Charline in addition!

“I was totally shocked and didn’t seem to really realize it. I just felt disgusted at the moment.”she reports celebrity flash. “The temptresses are there to test our friends’ loyalty, so I believe Melissa,” she continues. Also Sirias Presence that could confirm Melissa’s statements make it for Charline credible. “Why should she think of something like that? She does her job very well and thoughtfully,” explains the beauty.

Her boyfriend, on the other hand, argued celebrity flash however, clearly to have lent a hand. “I can imagine that a lot of people are interested in that, or [diese] also suspect. But this is not the case”defended himself Adrian.