Nora Lob (34) makes serious accusations against Nico Legat. The 33-year-old is a seductress in this year’s Temptation Island relay. But the beauty doesn’t really have to make an effort with the men who are assigned. The candidates don’t mince words and really get in touch with the ladies. But now packed nora that one of them went much too far. Nico is said to have sexually harassed her.

Should be on the third evening Nico for nora have crossed a boundary in the villa. Like her opposite Picture reviewed, it was an alcoholic evening with a lot of celebrations. “He wanted to see if I was wearing anything under my skirt and put his finger under it. […] That was sexual harassment.”explained nora the situation. She then told the production team about it, but those responsible did not act. The party reportedly continued without comment.

RTL denies meanwhile opposite Picture to have been informed of the incident. “The well-being of our protagonists is our top priority”, according to a statement. Also Nico vehemently denies the allegations. “The incident is an absolute lie! nora was a person who always got very close and always wanted to be the center of attention. And the main reason why she withdrew was just because we said in no uncertain terms that it was too much on her part,” explained Thorsten Legat’s son (54).