What does Jorge Gonzalez (55) expect from the upcoming Let’s Dance episode? The popular dance show is currently in full swing. In particular, Boris Becker’s (55) daughter Anna Ermakova (23) and her partner Valentin Lusin (36) have so far turned out to be absolute high-flyers. In the next issue, however, there is an innovation: the celebrities swap their partners. The red-haired beauty then has to prove her skills alongside Christian Polanc (44). Jorge looking forward to the fresh wind!

“It’s a very fun task. It’s a good challenge, but you will learn to react faster to a situation”explains the 55-year-old in the RTL-Interview. Especially the new couple Philipp Boy (35) and Christina Luft (33). Jorge exciting: “Christina is always very happy and extroverted and Philip is more introverted, that could work well.” The Cuban can also well imagine Mimi Kraus (39) and Ekaterina Leonova (35): “No matter who comes, he is under the whip of Ekaterina. That’s always good. She is a very good trainer. And Mimi tries very hard. I think this pairing is a good experience!”

Fans of the show tend to disagree. On Twitter Comments piled up like: “I think it’s an exciting idea. You already have your favorites among the professionals and you’re automatically for the associated celebrity. It’s going to be a real emotional chaos for the viewers.” Another disagreed: “For me, partner swapping is a distortion of competition.”

Source: celebtap.com