Alexander Zverev (25) remembers the beginning of his love story with Sophia Thomalla (33). In October 2021, the tennis pro and the presenter made their relationship public online. Since then, the two have always liked to show up together on the red carpet and make it clear how happy they are with each other. But how did the couple actually meet? That revealed Alex and Sophia now.

In the documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” the 25-year-old and his sweetheart remembered their early days. “We’ve known each other for years, so she’s also a sports enthusiast,” the athlete revealed. The 33-year-old added that they met through mutual friends. The first meeting was therefore by no means romantic. “Right, really got to know each other, in our own way, we met when I was in Berlin”, Alex continued. How Sophia indicated, it was evidently clear to both of them quickly that more could become of them. “Sometimes you talk to each other and think: ‘Yes, something can happen’, and then it suddenly arises. That actually happened very quickly,” she said.

One thing in particular seems to have connected the two directly: their sense of humour. “What Sascha and I definitely share is our sense of humor. We laugh at the same stupid things and we both have a very dark sense of humour.”the moderator also revealed in the documentary.