How does Scarlett Johansson (38) feel raising a toddler? The actress has two children by two different men. She had her daughter Rose Dorothy Dauriac with her second husband Romain Dauriac – she is already eight years old. She had her second child Cosmo Jost with her current husband Colin Jost (40). Being a mother of two presents the 38-year-old with a number of challenges. now gave Scarlet namely how hard it is for her to raise a toddler!

In which “The Skinny Confidential Him & Her”Podcast summed up the ‘He’s Just Not That Into Himself’ actress’ early years with her daughter: “I remember saying to my daughter when she was two, ‘That’s great. I don’t know what everyone’s talking about.’ And then she turned three — and it’s like being emotionally abused in a relationship.” The intense mood swings are the hardest thing about raising small children. It’s different with babies: “They sit there and love you and that’s it.”

The relationship between the two children of Scarlet doesn’t seem to be as intense as she was on the talk show The Ellen DeGeneres (65) Show blurted out: “I have to remind her, ‘Hey, say hello to your brother,’ and then she’s like, ‘Oh my god, he’s so cute,’ and then she just keeps talking.”