The stars of Nothing New in the West talk inside out! The remake of the war drama was released on Netflix last September. The main roles included Felix Kammerer and Albrecht Schuch (37) to see. Recently, the strip directed by Creamed Edward Berger four Oscars at once – more than any other German film before it. Well betray Felix and Albrecht across from Pomiflashas it was at the Oscars!

In an exclusive interview at the German Film Awards in Berlin, the two actors shared their impressions of the Oscars celebrity flash. “It was great there! It was a lot of fun to be there!” explains Felix proudly. For him it was his first feature film and then directly in the leading role as Paul Bäumer. Albrecht perceived the award as very overwhelming. “But the ceremony itself was a lot of fun. It was crazy to meet people there that I see myself as a spectator in the cinema and who really inspire me a lot.”exclaims the actor who plays Stanislaus Katczinsky in the film.

To Albrechts absolute favorite stars include Cate Blanchett (54), Brendan Gleeson (68), Phoebe Waller Bridge (37) and Frances McDormand (65). “They also seemed so interpersonal, that was really cool”, enthuses the 37-year-old. Jena also found it practical that there was a break at the Oscars every fifteen minutes: “You could go to the toilet and eat and drink something.”