It grants first insights! In October last year, Alessia Herren (21) and her partner Can announced that they were expecting their first offspring together. A little later, Willi Herren’s (✝45) daughter announced that she was expecting a daughter. On Sunday the time had finally come and little Anisa-Amalia saw the light of day. Revealed now alessia more details about the birth!

The Sat 1The program “Full House” now showed exclusive insights into the family of three. In a short report about the new parents and their little daughter, there were first details about Anisa-Amalisa’s birth. It was revealed: Alessia’s newborn weighed 2.9 kilograms after delivery.

Had just a few weeks ago alessia and her loved one said yes to each other. At The Real Life – #nofilter they rejoiced: “We did it, we’re at the registry office and we’re married now. We’re a married couple!” At the beginning of February, they had quietly and secretly given their marriage vows – without family or friends.