She paid a lot of money for this! Theresia Fischer (31) became known through her participation in Germany’s next top model. The viewers remembered her not only because of her lively nature, but also because of her story, because: She had her legs surgically lengthened – in the meantime she has already gone under the knife twice for it. now betrays Teresa first time how much they cost their new legs!

How Picture reported, the procedure cost a total of 146,000 euros. 112,000 euros were due for the operations, 14,000 euros paid Teresa for two nail removals, she shelled out 17,000 euros for physiotherapy and osteopathy, another 3,000 euros for medication. The model also reveals: “By the way, I paid every cent myself from my model fees.” The leg lengthening helped her to overcome her “old bullying trauma”.

On too Instagram she openly shares her leg lengthening journey. “8.5 centimeters + 5.5 centimeters = 14 centimeters! A year has passed since my second leg lengthening – a year full of strength, energy and stamina”, she wrote to a photo. In the meantime she has no more pain and everything is completely ossified.