Michelle Rodriguez (44) became a muscle pack for this film! The actress has become known around the world for her role in the Fast & Furious films. Outside of the series, she can often be seen in action-packed flicks and video game adaptations with plenty of fight scenes. As of next week she is in “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor among thieves” to be admired again on the screen. The role probably demanded a lot of physical work from her: So much muscle put on Michelle for the shoot!

The actress spoke at the film premiere in London SFX Magazine about their preparations for the role-playing game adaptation: “I gained a good seven kilos of muscle mass.” She really felt into the role of Barbarin Holga and let her armpit hair grow for it. “They’re real, not just glued on,” she said. While this change could probably be reversed quickly, her physique caused her difficulties. “I’m still struggling to shed those muscles. I had to add a new size to my wardrobe,” she said.

Fast & Furious“-Fans can Michelle also soon to be seen in her popular role as Letty Ortiz in the tenth installment of the series. But she also had her concerns about the film series: Before the shooting of the ninth film, she had criticized that the female characters were given too little importance. As a result, a female author is said to have been brought in for the screenplay.

Source: celebtap.com