At Let’s Dance, a big surprise awaited the dancing couples! After today’s show, nine couples are still fighting for the coveted trophy: Sally Özcan (34) and Massimo Sinató (42) had to leave the popular TV format after the fifth show. But the remaining candidates will face a special challenge next week that has never existed in the history of “Let’s Dance”: The dancing couples will be reshuffled midway through the season!

This was announced by moderators Daniel Hartwich (44) and Victoria Swarovski (29) when the decision was made at the end of the current episode. “Now we come to the big surprise. That’s never happened with ‘Let’s Dance’,” announced Victoria and then explained: “There’s a partner switch next week. The celebs who progressed will be torn apart. Every celebrity gets a new pro – and every pro gets a new celebrity.”

The jury then made it clear that this innovation will create a lot of excitement. “It will be a completely different house number,” suspected Joachim Llambi (58). After the Easter break, the couples can look forward to their usual partners again. “After Easter you will all be together again, just as it was before”emphasized the juror.